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Flip flops are on clearance. We are now knee deep in summer and it’s time for stores to start clearing them out. Today I found a bin of them for $2.99 each. With just a few other supplies I was able to create some fun and funky footwear. off two equal lengths of grosgrain ribbon which would cover the flip flop strap. For my size 9 flip flops that was approximately 30cm/12 inches but measure your own to be sure.

a match or lighter, burn each end of the ribbon to seal it so it won’t unravel.

the center of the ribbon and fold it into a “V” formation. Place stitches in the triangular area at the folding point to hold in place. cheap jerseys Be sure to use “Extra Strong” thread rather than embroidery thread as it is much more durable to wear and tear.

a variety of buttons to the ribbon. Be sure to cover only half of each side. This will ensure that you have enough ribbon left over to fold around the strap. If you are looking for colour combinations for your button choice, be sure to check out Colour Lovers for inspiration.

5. Helmar 450 Quick Dry glue, cover the strap of the flip flop and attach the button covered ribbon. Helmar 450 Quick Dry glue is similar to a hot glue gun in its hold but hot glue would melt the strap. It is also washable which helps with the durability of the decoration.

The possibilities are endless with colour combos. Try layering buttons on top of one another for yet another look. Felt die cut flowers added under the buttons is another idea to try. Let ‘er rip!

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