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Beauty Tips From Around The World

From Cleopatra’s milk bath to the ancient Roman habit of using ground oyster shell as a skin lightener, beauty rituals have abounded through generations and geographies.

But we’ve come a very long way since the days of using lead as a face mask and sheep sweat as night cream. Time has perfected our rituals we know what works and what doesn’t. There’s much to be learned, then, from the at home beauty tips of women around the world. “Beauty rituals are as ancient as time.www.jewelleryv87n5.top When I travel across the world, I see all sorts of natural remedies. And now, many of those products are being used in Western cosmetics,” says beauty expert and HuffPost blogger, Carmindy.

Got a zit? Indian women swear by turmeric. Dry skin? South Americans recommend smearing an avocado. Want perfect teeth? Imitate the calcium consuming habits of Masai women. We’ve compiled a list of eight of the best tips from around the world. Take a look.

Turmeric the herb that gives a curry its distinctive yellow color is also an antiseptic with anti inflammatory properties. In India, it’s common tradition for brides and grooms to apply a paste of turmeric and chickpea flour before their big day. In addition to turmeric’s bacteria killing powers, chickpea flour is an exfoliant and a moisture absorber.

The herb is also used by brides in Indonesia. “(The traditional ceremony) begins with a lular scrub combining all the benefits of turmeric, rice, jasmine flowers, ginger and other herbs to energize the body,” writes beauty expert Shalini Vadhera in her book “Passport To Beauty.”

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