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air hostesses reveal state of NZ mindset

New Zealand is ever so slowly getting over the loss of their key player Dan Carter, and the healing process will take some time. Carter’s exit from the World Cup due to a groin injury has turned the World Cup into a far more open tournament, as the Wallabies discovered when they headed from Nelson to Wellington yesterday. During the World Cup, the players have grown used to the air hostesses on their flights announcing over the PA: ”Good luck, until you meet the All Blacks.” But on yesterday’s flight, the message was: ”Good luck, and go easy on our boys.”


When the Wallabies arrived in a rain drenched Wellington, the ”convict” gags started immediately at their team hotel was a convention for New Zealand Department of Corrections officers. The players also had to wait for the Canadian team to leave their team hotel, so they could take over their rooms, prompting chaos in the foyer.wholesale nfl jerseys https://www.cheapjerseys6vm5.top For Canada, after hassling the All Blacks for a short time in their Sunday pool match, it’s now back to reality. As their winger Conor Trainor said: ”We leave today and I’m at university on Wednesday with mid term exams.”


Not surprisingly there was mass hysteria among the New Zealand media over the loss of Carter. It was the only issue in the newspapers, radio and television, with The Dominion Post setting the tone with its front page splash headline: ”Can we do it without Dan?” Their front page weather prediction wasn’t the usual wind and rain, but: ”Even the weather gods weep at the loss of Dan Carter.” At least one person kept his priorities right amid all the Carter gloom. His father, Neville Carter, a volunteer firefighter for 38 years, dropped everything on Sunday when alerted to a hedge fire in his South Island town. The blaze in the pine hedge took about an hour and a half to douse, and Mr Carter was right in the middle fighting the flames.


England have got away with some dodgy tactics during this tournament, including changing footballs for conversion attempts. According to our well placed tournament snouts, England had been sneakily swapping footballs for goal kicks all tournament, and were only eventually caught out because the match footballs were numbered. They apologised, but to only get a slap on the wrist from the tournament organisers was feeble, especially as Samoa were fined $10,000 for a player having the wrong mouthguard. There were also some surprised looks at an Auckland gymnasium yesterday, when our man on the ground, Sir Larry, arrived to do his yoga class, only to find the area was taken over by a sea of white jerseys. Sir Larry naturally thought it was the England players, as they were going hammer and tong on every fitness and weight machine available in a valiant attempt to attain the body beautiful. But no, on closer inspection, he saw it was instead 15 members of the England ”Dads Army” team management.

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